​​​​Approved Funding Uses for Enhanced Teaching and Scholarship (ETS) Grants

​ETS Grant Funds may be used for but are not limited to: 

  • ​​​Faculty research projects, particularly those that may lead to external funding opportunities. Direct research activities completed during sabbatical may be eligible for funding—all other restrictions apply. 
  • Projects intended to advance teaching through scholarly inquiry into student learning. 
  • Development and evaluation of instructional innovations that will increase the faculty member’s ability to promote student learning (e.g., learning new and improved methods of instruction, curricular development, learning the use of new instructional equipment, software and/or materials). 
  • Costs associated with instructional improvement or for faculty professional development, impacting student learning directly or indirectly. 
  • Instructional materials including specialized software (but not able to be purchased by ITS); must include assessment of the impact of the materials on student learning. 
  • Fees for access to facilities and services for the development of instructional and/or creative production/research materials. 
  • Travel for necessary research at most economical rates (the Faculty Development Committee has the right to deny reimbursement for any expenses deemed to be excessive [travel upgrades, luxury car rentals, etc.]). 
  • Essential research materials (books, journals, digital resources) not easily available through campus sources.
  • Laboratory research materials (supplies, instruments, consumables, analytical services). 
  • Essential supplies and materials for artistic work (visual and performing arts). 
  • Performance costs (fees for professional actors or musicians; instruments; staging; space rental). 

ETS Grant Funds may not be used for:​

  • Travel to present research at or attend professional meetings. (Funding will be considered for attendance at special workshops/seminars when the applicant provides sufficient information to relate the value of the workshop/seminar to his or her research and/or teaching. In the event the workshop/seminar is being held in conjunction with a regular professional meeting, funding will be considered only for fees associated with the workshop/seminar portion of the meeting but may not be used for travel, housing, or meeting registration. Traditional Faculty Development funding may be applied for.) 
  • Projects that contribute directly to the earning of degrees or other professional terminal credentials required for employment.  
  • Costs associated with professional licensing and/or memberships in professional organizations. 
  • Reimbursement for expenditures made prior to the ETS Grant award. 
  • Payment of faculty salaries to provide leave or release time. 
  • Projects where alternative activities and/or resources are available on campus.​