​​​​​​​​March Through the Arch Ceremony​

​​​University of Findlay's Oldest Tradition 

​​University of Findlay's Class of 2020 will have their Arch Ceremony. 

Students begin their time at the University of Findlay by walking through the Griffith Memorial Arch towards Old Main. During their time at the University, they make sure not to pass through the Arch in the opposite direction until they graduate. Traditionally, the graduating class will walk across the stage at graduation, receive their diploma, and then walk back through the arch together, as a symbolism of their accomplishments at Findlay. While the circumstances are different for the Class of 2020, they will still have opportunity to March Through the Arch with us this fall. Details to come soon.

The Arch Ceremony - Since 1923

The Griffith Memorial Arch is the gateway to campus, facing Findlay's North Main Street. It was named in memory of Miss Caddie A. Griffith, Class of 1909. Caddie was known for her, "wit, intelligence, good looks and starring role on the UF women's basketball team." She headed the University's Department of English from 1914-16 and 1917-18.
Tragically, Caddie died at a young age. Her parents commissioned the Arch in 1923 in her memory. In 1990, the Arch was moved and reconstructed further back on the property to allow more room for students to safely march through it after graduation.  

Because the former Findlay College changed its name in 1989, the back of the Arch was inscribed with "The University of Findlay" and turned toward Main Street. The "Findlay College" side now faces Old Main, the oldest building on campus.