​​​​​​​​​Business Affiliates Scholarship Program​​

Partner with the University's Business Affiliates Scholarship Program to Help Prepare Future Community Leaders

Since opening our doors in 1882​, the University of Findlay has been an integral part of life in the region, educating many of Hancock County's sons and daughters.

As a business leader, we invite you to participate in the Business Affiliates Scholarship Program by providing critical financial support. Your contributions fund operating scholarships for students attending the University of Findlay who either graduated from a Hancock County high school or who are currently employed by a Hancock County business.
Business Affiliates Scholarships help to forge a bond between students and the community, enhancing the opportunity to keep talented young people in the area after graduation.

University of Findlay's graduates often find employment in Findlay in business, education, healthcare services, social services, technology and many other areas. By ensuring that professionals from all types of fields are being educated locally, the community is enriched with a larger pool of highly-trained workers who will likely spend their lifetimes giving back in terms of their career expertise a​nd volunteer service.

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Join Business Affiliates in supporting today's students to become tomorrow's community leaders.

Questions? Contact Brittany Beltz, Director of Corporate Engagement and Gift Officer, at 419.434.5653 or [email protected]

Business Affiliates Scholarship Breakfast

The Business Affiliates Scholarship Breakfast allows the student recipients to meet and interact with their scholarship donors. It is a gathering of appreciation and gratitude for the partnerships the University of Findlay has with local businesses.