About Town & Campus

Town & Campus has a long history of supporting The University of Findlay.

The group was first started on December 12, 1960, when Dr. O. J. Wilson, president of then-Findlay College, organized a Women’s Auxiliary to act as a communication channel to the public and serve as a liaison group between the college and the community.  In addition, the Auxiliary was asked to help attract more women students to the college because out of the 518 students 393 were men. 
The Auxiliary changed its name to Town & Campus in the first year and began to host teas and provide bridge lessons for women students.
In its second year, the group organized a Sustaining Membership drive, using the funds raised to provide loans and scholarships to deserving students.  Plus, the organization hosted numerous social events and took an interest in welcoming the four foreign students enrolled at the college. Now, this active group of volunteers provides a link between the community and University, organizes a very successful annual scholarship event, and helps support the University's international student population.