​Why Give​

When you invest in the University of Findlay, you provide more than a gift. You provide opportunities.

Findlay students are learning and growing at a pivotal point in their lives through undergraduate research, internship opportunities, service projects, study abroad and so much more. Your gift helps to fulfill our mission of preparing students for meaningful lives and productive careers.

To Provide Opportunities for Students Who Wouldn't Be Here Without You

"One day, I'd like to be the U.S. Secretary of State, and I know just how I'm going to get there. It's a dream of mine, and though it seems far-fetched, that's what dreams are for. Not to be deferred to dry up like a raisin in the sun; but to inspire you to become more.

Devin Hatter

My mother was raised picking produce in the fields with her mother and my father grew up living around the Ivanhoe Projects in Gary, Indiana. Labeled one of the toughest housing projects in the world, he had to fight every day up until the day he finally got out. Even today, as they live together in Fostoria, Ohio, they struggle to make ends meet, but they sacrificed their opportunities to allow their children to make something of themselves. They gave me hope - the hope that they refused to let hardship claim for its own.

At UF, I excelled in all of my classes and built connections with the professors. I learned to become more professional in my daily life and to be strategic with my goals. I joined clubs and organizations like the Oiler Ten - where we go beyond the classroom and do work with real businesses to prepare us for our careers and help us find our passion. I received a $10,000 Cleveland Browns scholar award through the Browns Edge Partnership and even placed second out of 48 groups in UF's Innovation Competition, where I developed skills on how to build a business that I'm seeking real investment for right now.

All of these achievements would not have happened had I not received donor support.

Your financial support was important, but the faith you place in students like me, hoping that we go above and beyond every day is what transcends the dollars. That's a special something that you can't put a price on.

I hope to work as hard as you have to one day be fortunate enough to offer student leaders the same opportunities as you have for me.

With you on our sides, the University of Findlay will have no problem equipping students for meaningful lives and productive careers."  

-- Devin Hatter, business management

Maybe Someone Did It For You

"It's a place I'm proud to call my alma mater and a place that continues to surprise me with its growth and potential. Someone did it for me, and I know I should take the opportunity to [give back] to the next generation of Oilers."

--Josh Schoenberger '01, Managing Partner of Williams & Schoenberger Co., LLC
(pictured left)

Your Gift Can:

  • provide immediate tuition scholarships for students in need
  • fund vital student services providing academic, emotional, physical and spiritual student support 
  • attract and retain the best faculty committed to student success
  • help maintain and build new facilities comparable, if not superior to, facilities prospective students will see on recruiting trips to other schools
  • fund programs, services or student groups close to your heart

Giving Societies

Every gift to The Findlay Fund makes a difference, whether it is one dollar, one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars. 

The University of Findlay currently recognizes donors to the Findlay Fund of $1,000 or more through the President's Leadership Society and donors to our Equestrian Studies Programs through the Saddle Club.

Learn more about our giving societies.

Campus News

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