​Why Give​

When you invest in the University of Findlay, you provide more than a gift. You provide opportunities - opportunities for students who might not be here without you.

Eston Macharia and Nathan Tice, Ph.D.
A typical day for Eston begins at midnight when he walks into his third shift full-time manufacturing job. He knows “it’s not forever, but it helps pay the bills.” After his shift ends, he takes a power nap before traveling to the University of Findlay for class. He’s taking 13 credit hours this semester – his lightest load since transferring to UF in 2016. As the day ends, he’s hopeful to see his 9-year-old son during the upcoming weekend, if he doesn’t have to work overtime.

“When I decided to go back to school I had to prepare myself mentally and physically for not getting as much sleep as I used to. There are definitely days when it’s rough, but I am motivated,” said Eston.

His motivation comes in the form of three endowed scholarships. “I hope to have a career researching renewable sources of energy. Findlay’s small class sizes and one-on-one opportunities with professors creates a better learning atmosphere to best prepare me for graduate school and reach that goal.”

Currently, Eston is researching the chemistry behind next generation electronic materials, like roll-up mobile devices. One day soon, this same type of electronic material could be incorporated into paints and even clothing, possibly allowing your suit to become a solar charging station for your roll-up mobile device. Eston hopes to make future sustainable discoveries like this someday.

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Maybe Someone Did It For You

"It's a place I'm proud to call my alma mater and a place that continues to surprise me with its growth and potential. Someone did it for me, and I know I should take the opportunity to [give back] to the next generation of Oilers."

--Josh Schoenberger '01, Managing Partner of Williams & Schoenberger Co., LLC
(pictured left)

Your Gift Can:

  • provide immediate tuition scholarships for students in need
  • fund vital student services providing academic, emotional, physical and spiritual student support 
  • attract and retain the best faculty committed to student success
  • help maintain and build new facilities comparable, if not superior to, facilities prospective students will see on recruiting trips to other schools
  • fund programs, services or student groups close to your heart

Giving Societies

Every gift to The Findlay Fund makes a difference, whether it is one dollar, one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars. 

The University of Findlay currently recognizes donors to the Findlay Fund of $1,000 or more through the President's Leadership Society and donors to our Equestrian Studies Programs through the Saddle Club.

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Campus News

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UF Helping Hands Food Drive Increasing Collection Goal

UF Helping Hands Food Drive Increasing Collection Goal

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Mazza Museum’s Funday Sunday Series to Return in November

Mazza Museum’s Funday Sunday Series to Return in November

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University of Findlay Ranked No. 1 Nationally as Best College for Church of God Students

University of Findlay Ranked No. 1 Nationally as Best College for Church of God Students

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