Academic Mentions​

Academic Degrees 

Use lowercase with an apostrophe when referencing generic degrees, such as bachelor's degree, master’s degree, associate’s degree. When listing a degree, capitalize full name of the degree only when you are using the formal name. Do not use an apostrophe when using the official name (what is on the diploma) of the degree.

  • RIGHT: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.

  • RIGHT: Bachelor of Science in Biology.

  • WRONG: Bachelor in Theatre or Bachelor of theatre.

  • WRONG: Bachelors of Art in Theatre.

  • WRONG: Bachelors of Sciences in Biology.

You can receive a doctorate OR your doctor’s degree, but NOT your doctoral degree. 

  • RIGHT: She received a master’s degree in education. 

  • RIGHT: He received his Master of Arts in Education. 

  • RIGHT: She received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

  • RIGHT: We awarded 10 doctor’s, 150 master’s and 600 bachelor’s degrees. 

  • WRONG: He earned a Bachelor of Biology Degree.

  • WRONG: He received a Master's degree in athletic training.

DO NOT precede a name with a title of an academic degree and follow it with the abbreviation for that degree. 

  • RIGHT: Katherine Fell, Ph.D., is president of The University of Findlay 

  • RIGHT: Dr. Katherine Fell is president of The University of Findlay. 

  • WRONG: Dr. Katherine Fell, Ph.D., is president of The University of Findlay. 

Use Dr. in the first reference as a formal title before the name of a person who holds a doctor’s degree. 

Do not use Dr. in the second reference, unless the person holds a doctor of medicine degree. 

DO NOT use Dr. before the names of those who hold honorary degrees only. References to honorary degrees must specify the degree was honorary. The last name may be used with no titles at all.  

Academic Majors 

Use lowercase for majors with the exception of languages, which are proper nouns. 
  • RIGHT: Her major is physiology 
  • RIGHT: He’s an English major 
  • WRONG: Her major is Business

Program Names

Capitalize Program names, including the "P” in program, only if they are an official program with a program director.

  • RIGHT: Equestrian Studies Program
  • RIGHT: Communication Program
  • RIGHT: Physician Assistant Program
  • WRONG: Public Relations Program
  • WRONG: Marketing Program