​Brand Guidelines for University of Findlay's Official Mascot 

​University of Findlay's official mascot is Derrick the Oiler. The following are brand guidelines on how Derrick should be visually depicted and how he should be referenced in written format.

Brand Guidelines for the Visual Depiction of Derrick the Oiler

The illustrated Derrick is a simplified characterization of the Derrick the Oiler mascot. Derrick should be rendered in clean black contoured lines of varying thickness, colored with flat base colors. The shapes of the shadows and highlights should define the spatial forms of the character. See examples pictured below.

Derrick the Oiler-01.png

Derrick the Oiler should not be illustrated or depicted in any other way without consultation from the Office of Marketing and Communication. Contact our office at [email protected] with questions. 

Brand Guidelines for Written References of Derrick the Oiler

"Derrick the Oiler" always on first reference

"Derrick" OK on second reference

Learn more about the history of Derrick the Oiler and how to request him for appearances here.