This word construction is taken directly from its Latin origins. Therefore, the noun forms are gender specific. Do not italicize.

  • Alumnus – a male graduate of an institution
  • Alumna – a female graduate of an institution
  • Alumnae – more than one female graduate 
  • Alumni – more than one male graduate or, most commonly, all of the graduates of a coeducational institution 

Alumni Abbreviations

Identify past and current students by using the abbreviation for the alum’s academic degree with the last two digits of the graduation year. It is important that the apostrophe points in the correct direction: down and to the left.

RIGHT: Lisa Smith, B.S. ’70, was recently named publisher of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

RIGHT: John Walker, B.A. ’13, was recently promoted to senior account specialist at Google.

​If a person received more than one degree from The University of Findlay, use both years and put a comma between them.

RIGHT: Charlene Allen, B.A. ’90, MBA ’97, is vice president for business affairs for Time Warner Cable.