​​​​​​​​​​​Service Ambassadors Program

​The Service Ambassadors Program at the University of Findlay pairs two students from different cultural backgrounds to serve in the Findlay community throughout the semester.  Along with volunteering, students are encouraged to participate in social events and group activities.


The purpose of this program is to serve and interact with the larger Findlay community, foster interaction between students from different cultural backgrounds, and increase understanding of different cultures and mindsets.


After applying and receiving an acceptance email, the students are paired with each other and assigned a community site. The students are required to volunteer together in two-hour sessions four to six times throughout the semester at their assigned site. They also should participate in two or three social activities such as a sporting event or hanging out on campus. This program is a fun way to get to know another student, learn about a new culture and give back to the city of Findlay.


The Service Ambassadors Program is a collaborative effort between the Office of International Education​, the Office for Service and Community Engagement, and the Office of Intercultural Student Services​.​


To apply to be a service ambassador or to learn more information, please contact the Graduate Assistant for the Office of International Education, Chrysta Blechschmid at [email protected]​findlay.edu

“I learned about the Findlay community, met new people and I got a new friend, who was very kind and patient with me."

“This my first-time volunteering and I learned many things about the American culture. My partner is very smart and kind. I am happy I met her"

“I definitely did not expect what I learned. I learned how supportive the Findlay community really is. It was eye-opening to see how many people donate and how those donations go to families in need" 

“Personally, I think that in the future I will be more thoughtful and careful not to waste things and not take anything for granted. Professionally, I want to be more involved in helping people in my career in the future"​