​​​OilerWell Participation Guidelines​

For all employees/spouses who are currently enrolled in the University's medical insurance plan.  Must be a non-smoker and complete ALL of the following 4 requirements during the enrollment period (typically January 1 through November 30 of each year). Bi-weekly credit applied in the following calendar year (ie - if an employee completes the OilerWell requirements during 2021, the bi-weekly credit will be applied in 2022).​

  1. Age/Gender screenings: as always
    • One adult Tdap then booster every 10 years
    • All women age 50 and over: Colonoscopy screening (Cosiano can assist in scheduling)
    • All women age 40 and over: Annual mammogram
    • All women age 21 and over: Annual OB/GYN physical exam (pap according to provider)
    • All men age 50 and over:  Colonoscopy screening (Cosiano can assist in scheduling), annual physical exam including prostate health discussion (as directed by your physician)
  2. Biometrics/lab draw- In November as always
  3. Fill out the Know Your Number-as always, but the change is you can fill it out now and not wait until November!
  4. Complete 4 activities. Forms may be found on the website under Wellness Locker.
  • Vision exam, dental exam, dermatology exam, Flu shot, Shingles shot, Tdap booster, and Pneumonia immunization.  Limit 1 per type per year. May submit an Explanation of Benefit as proof or submit the Preventative Screening Form. *Please note, immunizations must take place within the plan year to be counted for an activity.
  • Race participation. Limit 2 per year. The form is now a PDF and may be filled out online.
  • Physical Activity- log 50 workouts during the wellness year (limi​t two logs/year). The form is now a PDF and may be ​filled out online. 
  • Volunteer/Community Wellness (limit 2/year).
  • E-Learning series-total of 3 series. 
  • 1 Million Step Yearly Walking Activity-Log your steps on the Wellness Portal under Menu>Fitness and Nutrition Dashboard by November 15, 2021. You can also sync your device to the WellworksForYou app using the instructions on page 5 of this Program Guide under Device/App Connect and Fitbit. By accumulating 1 million steps by November 30, 2022, you will earn one activity towards your wellness program​

Examples of how to complete 4 activities​:

  • Vision check and submit EOB, dental check and submit EOB, log 50 workouts, one e-Learning series.
  • One 5K, log 50 workouts, 2 e-Learning series.
  • Dental check, volunteer such as at food pantry in the community, log 50 workouts, e-Learning series.

​Please be sure to visit Wellworksforyoulogin.com to get all of the information.  If you have trouble with your username/password, please contact PJ McClane, Wellness Coordinator at 800-425-4657 or [email protected]​.

For a PDF version of these guidelines, please click: The OilerWELL 2022 Guidelines​​​.