​OilerWell Policies


All faculty, staff and spouses of The University of Findlay currently enrolled in the university's medical health plan are eligible to participate in the OilerWELL wellness program.  Enrollment is available annually in November during OilerWELL screening.  Enrollment in the plan is voluntary and includes an agreement to participate according to the following policies.



Enrollment includes providing a health history, biometrics, blood tests, completing four (4) activities (see W​ellworks website for complete list), and an online health risk assessment. Maintaining enrollment requires compliance with current published preventive care guidelines as well as any necessary follow-up.



Employees and Spouses who choose to participate in OilerWELL will receive a bi-weekly credit  discount on their insurance premiums equaling a savings of $300/year.  Choosing to focus on wellness will result in improved health for participants and a cost saving to the University.  This cost savings is then shared with all Oiler WELL participants through the Health Saver discount.



Employees and Spouses are encouraged to share their results with their primary care physician and to follow up accordingly.


Participants Rights and Responsibilities



  • The right to be treated with respect
  • The right to privacy of all medical information​


  • Being respectful to Oiler-WELL providers
  • Being honest with Oiler-WELL providers​