​OilerWell Tobacco Cessation Guidelines

As a part of the OilerWELL Program, the University of Findlay is initiating a tobacco use cessation program. To be eligible for the bi-weekly credit, you must complete a tobacco use declaration during the assessment period. We request that you complete the form honestly. 

If you do not use any form of tobacco, simply state that on the “Tobacco Use Declaration" form at your assessment visit for OilerWELL.


To begin your tobacco cessation efforts, you will be given a referral to the “Ohio Tobacco QUIT LINE" during the OilerWELL assessment.  A trained tobacco cessation counselor will begin working with you.  Initially, a two-week supply of nicotine replacement patches will be supplied by the Ohio Department of Health.  The University of Findlay will continue to support your tobacco cessation commitment by covering the cost of all approved tobacco cessation products you use while in the program.


If nicotine replacement patches are not effective, you will be offered an appointment with a doctor at the Cosiano Health Center to prescribe a tobacco cessation medication suited to you.


Once you quit using tobacco, you will add healthy days and years to your life. You will also significantly lower your risk of death from lung cancer and other serious diseases.​