​​​​​​​​​​Oiler Enterprises


​The mission of Oiler Enterprises is to provide students with opportunities to work in and run their own business, enabling students to gain valuable life and business skills, enhancing their academic experience, and preparing them for productive careers.  

Oiler Enterprises is the essence of experiential learning!

Any student at The University of Findlay is welcome to get involved with Oiler Enterprises in some manner, whether it as an employee, manager or developer of a business.  Students need not be in the College of Business to take advantage of this opportunity.  Students interested in developing a business are encouraged to write a business plan and present the idea to the Oiler Enterprises Board.  

The next step may be managing your very own business!

What are the advantages for a student to be involved in an Oiler Enterprise business?

Having been a manager or developer of any student-run business will look great on their resume and truly given them the opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of starting or managing a business. Employers are always looking to recruit new graduates who have first-hand experience applying their classroom learning in real life situations. Every new professional today can benefit from learning how to be an entrepreneur. It gives you expertise in successfully starting and running a small business which is a skill all majors can use. Whether you're in public relations, equestrian, education, graphic desig​n, computer science, physical therapy, EHS & sustainability, human resources, or any other major at Findlay-- you need to know how to promote your talents and develop professional services and products that people want to buy.

​For more information please contact Bradley Hammer at [email protected].