M.S. in Environmental Science

Master of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management

Environmental Safety & Occupational Health Department Mission
“To provide graduates with the necessary skills to make managerial decisions and provide leadership in the environmental, safety and occupational health (ESOH) fields.”

Curriculum of 5 crucial knowledge areas

Business knowledge- executive, strategic and operations concepts

Analytical skills- mathematics, computer applications and online tools needed to assess and interpret data

Managerial skills- leadership skills needed to address environmental safety and health issues among employees, organizations, communities and nations

Technical knowledge- environmental policy and compliance, risk reduction and hazard management systems

Integrative skills- combines the above skills into effective action, presentation and leadership

ESHM graduate student Ashleigh Henry
ESHM graduate student Ashleigh Henry
Findlay graduate Ashleigh Henry has been recognized by the Manufacturing Institute as a Step Ahead Emerging Leader. Currently an EHS Manager, her work in the field led her to success.
Ashleigh's award profile
This major is accredited by the National Environmental Health, Science, and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC), PO Box 66057, Burien, WA 98166.