​​​​Graduate Program Tuition & Fees

The University of Findlay charges graduate tuition based on the registered course, not the program of study. Several programs of study cross multiple courses, therefore, tuition may be assessed at different rates within the same term.

Tuition (Charged​ by Course)Per Hour
Substance Use Disorder (ADDC)​​$989
Biology (BIOL)
Chemistry (CHEM)$495
Communications (COMM)$560
Computer Science (CSCI)$760
Economics (ECON)$495
Education (EDFI, EDHR, EDIS, EDAD, EDCI, EDSP, EDUC - less than 700, includes 709)$495
Education (EDPY, EDUC - 700 and higher, excludes 709)$555
Graduate Education Workshop (EDCI546)$160
English (ENGL)$555
Intensive English Language (ENIN)$495
Environmental (ENVM)$695
Geography (GEOG)$495
Graduate (GRAD)$650
Healthcare Management (HCMG)$675
Health Professions (HEPR)$895
Health Informatics (HINF)$830
History (HIST)$495
Mathematics (MATH)$495
Business Administration (MBA)$675
Radiological Sciences (MSRS)$550
Occupational Therapy (OCTH)$895
Physician Assistant (PHAS)$989
Physical Therapy (PHTH)$895
Physics (PHYS)$495
Political Science (POLS)


​Other Charges & Fees 
General Service Fee (mandatory, non-refundable)
​$55 per hour
​Learning Resource Fee (non-refundable)
$25 per hour​
Independent Study/Directed Study Fee
$100 plus tuition
Official Transcripts 
$7.50 per transcript
UF Payment Plan Fee
$65 per semester
​Returned Payment Fee (Check, ACH or Credit/Debit Card)
​$30 per item
​Audit (student must pay applicable course fees)
​$50 per hour
​Course Fees
Course Fee Schedule.