​​​​​​Environmental, Safety and Health Management On-Campus​

University of Findlay's Master of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management is offered online, on campus or through a convenient blend of both. Students have the flexibility to download their courses from any location, watch lectures recorded or in real time and vary between completing courses on campus or online as their schedule changes.

Our graduate level classes provide students with the necessary skills to make managerial decisions and provide leadership in environmental, safety and occupational health careers. We provide an enhanced knowledge of science, occupational health, environmental policy and business concepts.

"Studying at the University of Findlay was a great experience for me from day one. 'The world in one place' was not only a catchphrase but a lived reality. Professors were friendly, approachable and very supportive of international students. The courses offered were very interesting and the professors were experienced and highly competent in the field. The small class size allowed the use of better learning methods. Therefore, I would recommend the University of Findlay to any student looking for a good academic milieu in environmental, safety and health. - Sakun Shrestha, RN, MS, Ph.D., Nurse Practitioner, Malignant Hematology & Cellular Therapy at Moffitt Cancer Center

To earn a Master's in Environmental, Safety and Health Management degree, students must complete:

7 Core Curriculum Courses
12 Semester hours of electives

Students are encouraged to select elective courses from a variety of subjects to develop breadth across several professional areas. Your elective choices could count toward an additional certificate option.

Certificate Options

Students may choose to complete a certificate program either in addition to or independent of completing other core degree requirements. The certificates are designed to provide focused professional education for Environmental, Safety and Health managers in industry and public sectors in one or more specialized areas.

Certificates may be pursued in three areas:

  • Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management 
Each requires successful completion of 5 courses from a select group of offerings. Many of these courses coincide with Master of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management coursework.

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