NCSE Ohio Student Sustainability Conference

NCSE 2019 Sustainability Speakers

Keynote Speaker 

Laurie Stevenson - Director of the Ohio EPA

In Jan. 2019, Governor Mike DeWine appointed Laurie A. Stevenson as director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. She most recently served as Deputy Director for Business Relations where she served as a primary contact for regulated entities to help coordinate permitting activities within the Agency, particularly for complex projects requiring multiple permits. She also served as chief of Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance. DEFA provides financial and technical assistance to businesses and communities to help achieve compliance with the environmental regulations.

A public servant of 29 years, she previously served as the industrial liaison in the Director’s Office and managed Ohio EPA's Small Business Assistance Office (SBAO). She held previous positions in Ohio EPA's Division of Hazardous Waste Management, starting in the So​utheast District Office as a hazardous waste field inspector.

​​Event Speakers

​​​Kristin Susick - FirstEnergy Sustainability Supervisor

Kristin Susick is the Supervisor, Corporate Responsibility at FirstEnergy Corp.  Her team is focused on engaging and informing internal and external stakeholders on forward-thinking corporate responsibility initiatives that impact our employees, customers, communities, and the environment.  In 2019, the team has issued a Climate Report that included a 2-degree scenario analysis, implemented a centralized waste initiative at our corporate locations, and will be publishing an updated Corporate Responsibility Report and microsite in November 2019.  Kristin received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biology from John Carroll University.  She lives in Akron with her husband, 6-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old son. 

Vincent Valentino - Land Grant Brewery Sustainability Manager

Vincent Valentino is the Sustainability & Operations Manager at Land-Grant Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to joining Land-Grant as a bartender in 2016, Vincent worked as an energy analyst in the development industry, and as a state organizer for the Environmental Defense Fund. In addition to his role developing managing Land-Grant’s sustainability program, Vincent also oversees supply chain management, government relations, safety programs, and large-scale events.

​​Amy Schlessman - Author of 'Recycle Bin Boogie: Move and Learn with Recyclables'

Amy Schlessman has a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Physical Therapy degree, a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and a Doctor of Health Science degree. Amy is an assistant professor in the physical therapy program at the University of Findlay while she continues to work as a school-based physical therapist. She has practiced physical therapy for seventeen years in the school-based setting, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, physical activity embedded into academics, and active learning strategies, while closely working with educators, administrators, therapists, and parents. Amy has conducted numerous energizing presentations for educators, parents, and therapists on a variety of topics, where her practical, fun, engaging activities have been celebrated and easily implemented.  Amy enjoys doing author visits and presentations for students and educators about her book, Recycle Bin Boogie: Move and Learn with Recyclables! Recycle Bin Boogie combines physical activities with academic concepts, which research shows increases both fitness and academic aptitude. Activities included in the book are structured, but allow for customized educational content. They can be done anywhere, with large or small groups, and with students of various ages and abilities. A great way to unplug from technology and "go green", the activities allow students to move and have fun using common recyclable items. ​

​Orion Jones - University of Findlay Physical Plant Director