​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Sustainability Careers

What you can do with an EHS and Sustainability Degree 

According to a survey undertaken by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE),  graduates who achieved their bachelor's degrees in STEM subjects will be the highest earners for starting salaries for the class of 2018. Students majoring in math and sciences enter the work for with an average starting salary of $62,177. The survey also found that those graduating in 2018 would enjoy a 16.6 percent increase in hiring compared to those who finished their schooling in the previous year.

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For more information about what you can do with an ESH and Sustainability degree, check out the resource from EHS Jobs below:

Private Sector Jobs

Anytime there is a large group of people working in the same space, an environmental safety and health professional is going to be needed.  With the knowledge from Findlay's ESH and Sustainability program, you can work in whatever field you desire. Large companies that do not work with machinery or manufacturing still need overall workplace safety and health analyses. For companies that do have the additional risks of chemicals and heavy machinery, someone with the proper knowledge on safety and laws is invaluable.  

Research Jobs

Be on the cutting edge or environmental and occupations health and safety. With an ESH and Sustainability degree, you can develop new strategies for ensuring we keep our planet and workplace the best they can be. 

​​​Government Jobs

As an EHAC accredited program, Findlay students meet the requirements needed for internships with government agencies. Learn about the opportunities available below.  

Armed Forces

Become an environment, health and safety (EHS) officer and implement programs that protect our military facilities, food supplies, and personnel. The University also offers Air Force​ Reserve Officer Training and has many benefits for military veterans looking to join our university.