​​​​​Safety & Occupational Health

Advances in technology are a good and necessary part of life, but companies often fail to look at the bigger picture. With knowledge about industry technology and practices as well as environmental safety, you can help ensure America's future finds the balance between innovation, safety and sustainable practices.

Skills for this Work:

  • Analytical approach to problem-solving
  • Financial competency 
  • Effective communication
  • Detail orientated

What These Jobs Do:  

  • Risk assessment
  • Mediate between various parties
  • Prevent financial losses stemming from occupational accidents  
  • Build safety and occupational health considerations into all phases of industry operations

Course Offerings

In addition to the core ESH and Sustainability​ courses, you can take the following elective courses that are geared toward the practice of safety & occupational health. 

Industrial Hygiene Sampling & Calculations (4 hrs)
Learn the methodologies of gas, vapor, and aerosol sampling as well as the measurement and evaluation of physical hazards including noise, heat stress, lighting, and ergonomic hazards. The course will include a major emphasis upon the types of problems and calculations likely to be found in the ABIH certification examination. The course has laboratory exercises and uses a case study to explore the methods of sampling.

Fundamentals of Occupational Health with Lab (4 hrs)
This course is an introduction to the scientific methods of anticipating and recognizing occupational and environmental hazards that may cause injury or disease among wor​kers and/or citizens of a community. Emphasis is placed upon the general workplace standards of OSHA. Specific topics include the entry and action of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, air sampling, monitoring, selection, and use of personal protective equipment. 

General Chemistry I with Lab (4 hrs)
Boost your chemistry knowledge by diving in-depth on topics including the behavior of solutions, equilibrium, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, acid-base, precipitation, and oxidation-reduction reactions.

Additional Physics course (4 hrs)
Complete an additional physics course to increase your knowledge of the industry you will be working in.

Additional 300 or 400-level Biology course (4 hrs) 
Add an additional biology course of your choice to learn more about your passion.

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