​​Meet the Coach​

Nicole Thüngen

Nicole Thüngen was recruited in 2014 to teach at the James F. Child Equestrian center as director of the English Riding Program. She holds a Master Degree in Equine Sciences, based on her completion of the German Equestrian Master Program, her official title being “Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin FN”. 

She graduated Best of Class from the Deutsche Reitschule in Warendorf, Germany, which is one of very few internationally accredited and governmentally regulated, worldwide approved equine educational institutions.

Nicole has won many dressage events, while also coaching students to receive USDF bronze, silver and gold medals, not to forget other awards in all disciplines of the classical riding tradition. Nicole has been on horseback since she was 6-years-old and was lucky to be mentored, trained and to work with national trainers during her career.

She is strongly focused on teaching and training, her goal being a healthy, correct, and happy human/equine interaction. Nicole’s style of teaching stems from years of close experiences with thousands of horses, and countless hours of instruction and training her students in all disciplines.  Her extensive training reaches very deep and very far into the equine industry, from barn management to equine nutrition, rider and horse training and rehabilitation, to successfully running branches of equestrian businesses. Her education is very unique for a U.S. University, as the depth of her studies is currently not available in the USA. Nicole has been active as a Bereiter FN since 1996, added her Master Trainer FN in 2001 and is very pleased to share her expertise with current and future students at UF. She is no stranger to Grand Prix level training and has credentials to train and ride Olympic disciplines.