​​Competition Results​

9/22 Horse Show at the University of Findlay Western Farm

The reigning IHSA national champions opened their season with a horse show on home turf, the University of Findlay Western Farm. The Oilers were the high point team in both the morning and the afternoon show.


Hailey Ostrowski-5th, 5th

Morgan Knerr-2nd,1st

Anna Ritzi-3rd

Julia Roshelli-1st,4th


Open Horsemanship

Julia Bastian-3rd,1st

Abby Mills-4th

Morgan Knerr-3rd

Anna Ritzi-2nd,1st

Julia Roshelli-1st,2nd

Hailey Ostrowski-6th,3rd

James Novak-2nd


Advanced Horsemanship

Jamie Kittle-1st

Kaitlin Sanger-3rd

CeCe Kline-2nd,2nd

Charlotte Chubb-5th,1st

Olivia Rydzewski-3rd,4th



Maria Kochel-2nd,2nd

Maverick Guenther-1st,1st

Morgan Bailey-4th

Dylan Lewis-1st,4th

Charity Thacker-2nd

Leah Ely-5th,1st


Intermediate II Horsemanship

Aubrey Rains-2nd,4th

Cheyenne Potteiger-3rd

Grace Joyce-3rd,1st

Bryant Fox-2nd

Hailey Powers-1st

Kristina Stevens-1st

Kara Walcher-1st,1st

Jamie Reeves-1st,4th


Intermediate I Horsemanship

Taylor Edwards-1st,1st


Beginner Horsemanship

Michelle Szafraniec-4th,2nd

Alexi Nielson-1st

Morgan Eckstein-4th,4th

Sarah Borgelt-3rd,1st