​​​​Competition Results​

​2019- 2020 Season Results

​​9/21 Horse Show at University of Findlay Western Barm

University of Findlay's Western IHSA Team hosted and showed in their first regular season show.  Findlay was the High Point Team of both the morning and afternoon shows.  In the morning show, James Novak was the high point rider and Ashton Knerr was the reserve high point rider.  In the afternoon show, Charlotte Chubb was the high point rider. ​

Open Reining:
Julia Bastian- 1st
Charlotte Chubb-1st
James Novak-2nd, 2nd
Morgan Knerr-2nd,4th
Anna Ritzi-4th
Dylan Lewis-4th
Ashton Knerr-5th,5th
Cece Klien-5th,-6th

Open Horsemanship:
Ashton Knerr-1st,1st
Julia Bastian-1st
Charlotte Chubb-2nd,4th
Cece Klien-2nd
James Novak-2nd,4th
Dylan Lewis-3rd
Morgan Knerr-3rd,6th
Anna Ritzi-4th

Level 2 Horsemanship:
Dylan Lewis-1st
Maria Kochel-2nd,5th
Charity Thacker-2nd
Kaitlin Sanger-3rd,3rd
Maverick Guenther-1st,4th
Olivia Rydzewski-4th

Level 1 Horsemanship:
Bryant Fox-1st
Kristina Stevens-1st
Jamie Reeves-2nd,2nd
Taylor Edwards-3rd,3rd
Kara Walcher-6th,6th

Rookie B Horsemanship:
Miranda Klein-1st
Erica Mehlhaus-1st,2nd
Olivia Henning-2nd

Beginner Horsemanship:
Morgan Eckstein-1st
Daphne Copper-3rd​

2018- 2019 Season Results​

University of Findlay's IHSA Western team went undefeated in the 2018 - 2019 season, earning High Point Team in every competition and winning Nationals for the seventh time.