UF pre-med graduates  are more than two times as likely to be accepted into medical school compared to the national average


As a biology or chemistry major at The University of Findlay, you'll receive a strong educational foundation in the natural sciences and humanities. Medical schools across the nation realize the value of this broad educational base.

Imagine a curriculum that includes classes as varied as calculus, college writing, organic chemistry, biodiversity, social sciences and foreign languages.  Although a science major isn't a requirement for admission to medical school, a strong background in the prerequisite science courses plays a large role in the admission process. 

The University of Findlay offers biology and chemistry majors a select group of courses designed to meet the admission requirements for most medical, dental and chiropractic schools in the United States and abroad. Students complete these major course requirements during their first three years of study. They take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) during the spring of their junior year and apply to medical schools in the fall of senior year.​​