​Conference Agenda/Overview​​​​

Excel @ Teaching Conference 2021: A Community of Belonging

The University of Findlay

Virtual Conference

​Tuesday, August 10, 2021​ ​​

Please check back in July for a confirmed Conference Agenda/Overview

Individual Presentation: 15 minutes in length. These will be combined into a panel of three (3) like presentations by the Program Committee.

Group Presentation: 45 minutes in length. These will be made up of three or more presenters addressing a central topic or theme. Presentations may be (but are not limited to) oral papers, performances, demonstrations, discussions, etc. Regardless, they must be designed with best teaching practices and specific learning goals in mind.

Engaged Learning Workshop: 45-minute sessions intended for active or experiential learning, invention, and problem-solving activities. Facilitators should have specific learning goal(s) in mind and have an exercise planned. Audience participation is expected.