Mission and Goals

The mission of the College of Pharmacy is to prepare pharmacists to be dedicated to improving patients’ lives through practice, service, and research.

College of Pharmacy

Context of the Mission Statement

The College of Pharmacy endeavors to provide pharmacy education to students within a diverse, supportive, student-centered environment. The curriculum emphasizes the collaborative practice of pharmacy care and related health care disciplines, continuous professional development, critical thinking, evidence-based medicine, research and service to the community.
In support of this mission our faculty and students pursue scholarly activity to advance the care of patients and provide teaching and learning environments for our students to develop critical thinking skills. Our faculty members also participate in various service activities as part of their professional responsibilities and to provide role models for our students.
By successfully completing the program’s curriculum, graduates become eligible to take the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy licensure examination and seek licensure in the state of their choice. This, in turn, allows them to embark on a productive career in pharmacy. In addition, students’ general education course work and the program’s emphasis on pharmacy’s roles and service to the community assist in preparing graduates to meet the institution’s mission in that they construct meaningful lives.
As an example of student and alumni productivity and leadership, the College of Pharmacy expects students to present their research findings at national conferences. Some examples are the Midyear Clinical Meeting of the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists and the American Pharmaceutical Association Annual Meeting.