​​​​​​​​​Our Mission & Values​​

The University of Findlay

To equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers. 

The College of Pharmacy

To prepare pharmacists dedicated to improving patients’ lives through practice, service, scholarship and lifelong learning.


The mnemonic “I CARE” represents what we , as a College, value and to which we commit:

Integrity – To ensure that all of our actions are conducted with honesty, accountability, responsibility and the highest ethical standards

Collaboration –  To develop practice, service and research partnerships with our patients, students, colleagues, and other stakeholders to enhance overall healthcare, beginning with meaningful outreach and interprofessional education

Advocacy –  To promote patient care thro ugh the continuous advancement of the profession of pharmacy by actively engaging with the public, health professionals and government officials

Respect –  To conduct ourselves in a professional manner that honors the dignity and embraces the diversity of each individual

Excellence – To commit ourselves to lifelong learning to produce the highest quality outcomes achievable through innovation and creativity

Strategic Position: “Family Culture”

Achieving success through:

  • Personal attention

  • Small class sizes

  • Personalized advising and mentoring

  • Small student to faculty ratio

  • Collaborative teaching and learning

  • Relationship-building experiential education

  • Emphasis on service learning

This is the environment we have created, and that which we strive to preserve. We believe this is ideal for optimal student learning and subsequent personal and professional success.