Student Organizations​​​

A well balanced college career includes extracurricular involvement as well as classroom and laboratory work. You will have many opportunities to join social and honorary fraternities, sororities and clubs; participate in intercollegiate and recreational sports; the Findlay bands and musical organizations; and a number of honorary societies.
Students engage in the social activities centered in the Alumni Memorial Union, participate in broadcasting over Findlay stations, take part in the University theatre, do staff work and writing for student publications, and enter into all the various extracurriculars off campus. ​Some student organizations have already been started and others are in the process of being initiated
Examples of current organizations within the College of Pharmacy are:
American Pharmaceutical AssociationAcade​my of Student Pharmacists​ (ASP) is one of The University of Findlay College of Pharmacy’s professional pharmacy organizations. ASP offers many benefits to its members including the opportunity to join the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) as well as the Ohio Pharmacist Association (OPA). The main goal of ASP is to provide opportunities for professional growth and to envision and actively promote the future of pharmacy. ASP gets students involved in the local community through various community services projects.
For more information contact: Brian Joslin
Alpha Zeta Omega
Alpha Zeta Omega is a pharmaceutical fraternity composed of pharmacists and undergraduates in Pharmacy, selected on the basis of character, fellowship and scholarship. The objectives of the fraternity are to promote the profession of Pharmacy; to develop high standards of scholarship; to inculcate a spirit of fellowship amongst its members; to bring together a body of men and women who, by the diligent maintenance of ethical ideals and faithful service, have proven a credit to their chosen profession; to honor achievement in others; to commend all worthy deeds; to build within our fraternity a triangle composed of three supporting sides which are peace, friendship, and brotherly love.
For more information contact: Brandy Lawrence
Kappa Epsilon (KE)
KE is a national professional fraternity. Members are chosen based on scholarship, character and leadership. The object and purpose of this professional fraternity is to promote women in pharmacy and to foster professional consciousness. Membership provides opportunities for leadership development, community service and fellowship.
For more information contact: Ashley Kasper
Faculty advisor for this organization is Sandra Earle
Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHP)
This organization, provides an opportunity for students to become knowledgeable about providing pharmaceutical care in hospitals and other institutions. In addition, students have the opportunity to observe pharmacy practice in an organized health care setting. Membership and participation in the Ohio Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists is encouraged both as a student and upon graduation.
For more information contact: Colin Ecker
Pharmacy Student Leadership Council
The Pharmacy Student Leadership Council (PSLC) serves as a communication resource between students and the faculty. It consists of representatives from each class, including the pre-pharmacy students (elected by each class in August to serve one year terms), student representatives from college committees and one representative from each of the active student organizations within the College.
For more information contact: Lori Ernsthausen, Pharm.D., BCPS
Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)
The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) extends membership to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in pharmacy programs. Its main objectives are to provide mechanisms by which minority pharmacy students may participate in shaping their professional curricula; to develop within minority communities, a positive image of black, Latino, and other minority health professionals; and, to inform pharmacy students of opportunities and obligations as future health care professionals. To attain its purposes and objectives, SNPhA develops, conducts and coordinates programs that provide services, research and training in areas directly affecting the health care or minority population.
For more information contact: Abbey Herrera
Rho Chi
Rho Chi is a national honorary pharmaceutical society. Eligibility for membership is limited to upper class professional and graduate students in pharmacy and is based on high attainment in scholarship, character, personality and leadership - being limited to a maximum of 20% of each class. The initiation banquet for new members is held annually in the fall, while each spring Rho Chi sponsors an honors convocation to recognize scholastic achievement among all classes of pharmacy.​
For more information contact: Craig Schutz

Phi Delta Chi
Phi Delta Chi was America's first professional fraternity in pharmacy. It is a co-ed fraternity and annually pledges both men and women who either are second year pre-pharmacy students or enrolled in the School of Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi, a lifelong experience, promotes scholastic, professional and social growth in its brothers. They strive to provide quality service to their patients, thereby advancing public health and strengthening themselves as health professionals. Phi Delta Chi encourages brothers to develop as leaders, as excellent pharmacists and as well-rounded citizens. Excellent pharmacists are the most important product of Phi Delta Chi.
For more information contact: Michelle Hook
Faculty advisor for this organization is: Pat Malone, Pharm.D., FASHP or John Stanovich, R.Ph.


Potential Future Organizations

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity
is a professional fraternity. Each year a new group of men and women is pledged from the sophomore, junior and senior classes in the College of Pharmacy. The pledges are selected by the members based on character, leadership, scholarship and interest in furthering the profession of pharmacy. The various activities encountered through Kappa Psi offer the active member fellowship with their school colleagues and an opportunity to become involved in community projects, both socially and professionally.


National Community Pharmacists Association
This is an organization for individuals interested in future practice in community pharmacy.

Phi Lambda Sigma
Phi Lambda Sigma promotes and recognizes the development of leadership qualities in pharmacy. The society encourages participation in all pharmacy activities; members are selected by peer recognition. Students considered for membership must have completed 90 hours of scholastic work and have attained a scholastic grade point average of 2.50. Members have demonstrated dedicated service and leadership to the advancement of pharmacy. Faculty, professional staff and alumni are also eligible for membership.
Rho Pi Phi International Pharmacy Fraternity is another pharmacy fraternity.