​​The University of Findlay offers the following scholarships to international students:

​Name of Scholarship​G.P.A. Requirement
​Scholarships Amount
​Presidential Scholarship*​3.5 or higher​$15,000 a year/renewable each year
​Deans' Scholarship*
​3.0 - 3.49​$14,000 a year/renewable each year
​Findlay Award*

​2.5 - 2.99
​$10,000 a year/renewable each year
International Scholar Award*​

​2.0 - 2.49
​$8,000 a year/renewable each year​
MBA Scholarship
​$2,000 over course of program
Environmental, Safety and Health Management Scholarship​$2,000 over course of program​
​Graduate Scholarship (EDUC, TESOL, HINF, MSASA)
​$1,000 over course of program

​$1,500 a year/renewable

​​Sibling Scholarship
​$500 a year per sibling attending Findlay