Deferring Your Admission to Findlay

We understand that things come up and you might need to defer your admission to​ Findlay to a different semester. ​We are happy to defer your admission. Please follow the steps below to submit the deferral of your admission. All steps must be completed before a new I-20 will be issued.  

Login to our Self Service Center

  • Decision: click on either Conditionally Accepted or Accepted in the form
  • Click on Application button
  • Click on the Respond button
  • Choose from the drop down menu:
    • In the upcoming semester, I will be a(n) ___________ student.
    • ​Choose the Deferred option
  • Click on the drop down to Anticipated Entry Term and choose new term you wish to attend
  • Attach a current bank statement from your sponsor showing enough support for one full year of expenses
  • Click - Submit Your Form Here

Receiving Your I-20

Once you have submitted the completed form including a current bank statement, please email [email protected] to confirm you need a new I-20.  We will update and email you a new I-20 within 5-10 business days, depending on current request volume.  The University will not begin issuing I-20's for the Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 entry points until the middle of January 2022.