Deferring Your Admission to Findlay

We understand that things come up and you might need to defer your admission to​ Findlay to a different semester. ​We are happy to defer your admission. Please follow the steps below to submit the deferral of your admission. All steps must be completed before a new I-20 will be issued.  

Login to our Self Service Center

  • Decision: click on either Conditionally Accepted or Accepted in the form
  • Click on Application button
  • Click on the Respond button
  • Choose from the drop down menu:
    • In the upcoming semester, I will be a(n) ___________ student.
    • ​Choose the Deferred option
  • Click on the drop down to Anticipated Entry Term and choose new term you wish to attend
  • Attach a current bank statement from your sponsor showing enough support for one full year of expenses
  • Click - Submit Your Form Here
You will receive notification when the I-20 is shipped from eShip Global.

Using eShip Global

To create an express shipment of your documents, click the button below (works best with Internet Explorer or Firefox)

  • Please use the website provided in the button above – do not go through DHL or FedEx websites directly.  
  • All communication will go through the eshipglobal service, who will notify us that you have requested your I-20 to be sent by express mail.
  • NOTE: Once the express shipment is created and payment verified through eShip, the I-20 will be issued and shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • Visit the FAQs section of this website, email [email protected] or call 001-972-518-1775.
  • Please know we are only permitted to send ONE I-20 per express package per eShip Global regulations. Therefore, an express shipment must be created for each I-20 being requested.​​

Receiving Your I-20

Once you have submitted the completed form including a current bank statement you will need to create an express shipment through the express mail service eShip Global to receive your I-20.
  • We will no longer be sending I-20s by airmail.
  • The mailing of your immigration documents through express mail is at YOUR expense and your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards only) will be charged upon requesting the service. There is also an option to pay cash by wire transfer to eShip for the payment or Paypal. 
  • Once the express shipment has been created through eShip Global, the I-20 will then be issued and sent.