​​​​​Health Insurance for International Students

Why do I need health insurance?

Medical costs in the United States can be expensive even for minor injuries. Too often international students do not realize the necessity of health insurance in the U.S. due to low costs in their home country until it is too late. Because of this, all students enrolled at the University of Findlay under F-1 Student or J-1 Exchange Visitor visas are required to have adequate health and accident insurance. These students must submit their insurance coverage information to a waiver portal each semester to verify minimum coverage requirements are met. Any student who does not meet the minimum coverage requirements will be automatically enrolled in a University plan with a non-refundable charge for the plan being applied to the student's account each semester. Plan rates are set and published by June 1 each year for the next academic year.

How do I enroll?

International students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan and their student account will be billed each semester unless a waiver is completed.

What if I have other health insurance coverage?

Students can waive out of the University insurance plan by demonstrating equal or better coverage. Waivers will be administered by ISP and students will utilize ISP’s enrollment/waiver site to submit their waiver.

How do I waive health insurance?

Students will complete an online questionnaire regarding alternate coverage and will be required to upload their insurance policy and ID card via the ISP waiver site. If the student’s response indicates that the alternate plan does not meet the requirements or the student does not upload the required documents, they will not be able to proceed.

ISP will review the accompanying documentation of each student’s waiver request. ISP will provide the student with confirmation or denial of the waiver request within 5 business days of submission. If denied, the student will be removed from the waiver list so that they will be able to re-enroll.

You must waive health insurance each semester by the deadline listed below:
  • Fall semesters: Open waiver portal on June 1, the deadline for waivers is September 1
  • Spring semesters: Open waiver portal on November 1, the deadline for waivers is February 1
  • Summer semesters: Open waiver portal on April 1, the deadline for waivers is June 1. Students who are continuing at Findlay in the fall semester but who are on summer break and remaining in the United States may continue their coverage, but they would need to contact ISP to extend their spring semester coverage. ISP will extend the coverage manually and obtain payment from the student directly. You will need to have done this within two weeks of the end of your current coverage.
Once the waiver date for the corresponding semester has passed, students will be automatically enrolled in the University insurance program and their student account will be charged for the appropriate fee.

If you are waiving the insurance because you have insurance equal or better, click on the online waiver button below. You will need your UF Student ID number from your admission letter to waive the insurance.

What is the cost?

The charges below are automatically applied to your student account each semester.
  • $525 for Fall semester (August 1- December 31)
  • $430 for Spring semester (January 1 to May 6)
  • $315 for Summer semester (May 7 through July 31)
  • $602 per dependent per month (optional)​​

More Information

The health insurance coverage at the University of Findlay is provided through the International Student Protection (ISP) insurance company. Coverage includes a $250 deductible. All information about the plan can be found at the Findlay Health Insurance website. 

You may also contact the Cosiano Health Center at [email protected].