​​​​​International Student Scholarships​

The University of Findlay offers the following scholarships to international students:

You have worked hard in to earn good grades and advance your education. The University of Findlay believes in recognizing that hard work through scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Findlay's scholarships are based on your cumulative grade point average and graduate students can earn additional scholarships for earning a good score on the GRE or GMAT tests. 

And there is not a separate application process to be awarded a scholarship at Findlay. Scholarships are applied automatically as part of the admittance process. 

You can use the chart below to estimate your scholarship based on your GPA and program of study.

Undergraduate Merit Scholarships

​​​Name of Scholarship
G.P.A. Requirement
​Scholarship Amount
​Trustee Scholarship
​3.95 or higher
​$21,000 a year/renewable each year
Presidential Scholarship
$19,000 a year/renewable each year
​Dean's Scholarship
​$17,000 a year/renewable each year
Findlay Award 
2.75 - 3.49
$15,000 a year/renewable each year
International Scholar Award2.0 - 2.74​$12,000 a year/renewable each year​​

Graduate Student Scholarships
​Graduate Student Scholarship (awarded to all graduate students)
MBA Scholar
$2,000 over course of the program
Master's Environmental, Safety and Health Management Scholarship
$2,000 over course of the program
GRE Scholarship (Awarded for earning a score of 300 or higher on the GRE)
$1,000 over the course of the program
​GMAT Scholarship (Awarded for earning a score of 550 or higher on the GMAT)
​$1,000 over the course of the program​

​Additional Scholarships
​Intensive English Language Program
$1,500 a year/renewable
​​Sibling Scholarship
​​$500 a year per sibling attending the University of Findlay at the same time