​​​​​International Student Scholarships  

Starting for those admitted Fall 2024 and after​​

The University of Findlay offers the following scholarships to international students:

You have worked hard in to earn good grades and advance your education. The University of Findlay believes in recognizing that hard work through scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. 

And there is not a separate application process to be awarded a scholarship at Findlay. Scholarships are applied automatically as part of the admittance process. 

You can use the chart below to estimate your scholarship based on your GPA and program of study.

First-Time Freshman Merit Scholarships

Award (per year)
Test - ACT / SAT / CLT
​4.0 or higher
​27 / 1290 / 89
​24 / 1190 / 79
​21 / 1090 / 67​​​
​3.29 or lower

**University of Findlay's test-optional policy lets you shine, and rewards excellence with merit scholarships, whether it's a student's outstanding GPA or impressive test scores – UF will always apply the highest scholarship amount in your favor.​

University of Findlay accepts Classic Learning Test (CLT) scores for the determination of merit-based aid, in addition to the acceptance of both ACT and SAT scores. The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is a standardized college entrance exam designed to assess students' skills in areas such as reading, writing, and math, with a particular focus on critical thinking.​

​Undergraduate Transfer Merit Scholarship

Who is Considered a Transfer Student?

If you have enrolled in 12 credit hours or more of college-level coursework at an accredited institution since graduating from high school and would like to take courses at the University of Findlay, you are considered a transfer student.​

​Scholarship Name
GPAAward (per year)
3.5 or higher

​​3.0 - 3.5

Merit​Up to 2.99

Graduate Merit Scholarship

​​​International Graduate Scholarship
​$750 per academic semester (excluding summer)

IELP Merit Scholarship​

​IELP Scholarship
​$750 per academic semester (excluding summer)​