​Journalism/Digital Media​​

While technology evolves at a rapid pace, the journalism and digital media fields have never been more exciting! It's more important now than ever to be able to communicate quickly and effectively on multiple media platforms. As a journalism/digital media major, you will gain a well-rounded skill set that will allow you to work in a variety of settings.

The journalism/digital media program at the University of Findlay is designed to prepare students to become successful reporters, writers, content developers, storytellers and overall strong communicators. You can earn a bachelor's degree in journalism/digital media or add a minor in digital media. With a strong focus on experiential learning, our program will provide you with a variety skills and experiences in
  • Newswriting and editing
  • Digital media and storytelling
  • Web design
  • Social media practices in the professional world
  • Video and audio production
  • Interactive communication
  • Media Law

As a journalism/digital media major, you will be able to explore career opportunities in journalism, digital media, public relations, organizational communication, marketing or the rapidly growing field of health communication. Whether you develop content for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, websites or social media, it all starts with core skills that you will gain in our program. Some examples of these skills are:
  • Gathering fair and accurate information 
  • Effectively conducting interviews
  • Researching/Observing
  • Managing time to meet deadlines 
  • Making ethical decisions
  • Developing purposeful and impactful content​

​What classes will I be taking?

Click here to view the curriculum for the journalism/digital media major.

To meet your interests and career goals, you will have opportunities to double major or minor in other areas of study. Your academic adviser will help you select the right classes, major(s) or minor(s) that will lead you to a successful career after college. Many of our students have chosen to combine a journalism/digital media degree with areas such as theatre, political science, marketing and Spanish.

"I was encouraged to write for the campus newspaper. Reporting, writing and editing are all things that I took directly into my career. I could do things that a lot of graduates couldn't do because of my hands-on experience with the Pulse."

Abbey Nickel '15, Journalism Graduate

Communications & Outreach Manager, Conservation Technology Information Center

Experiential Learning

You will learn-by-doing inside and outside of the classroom as soon as your first semester on campus! Throughout our program you will benefit from a number of opportunities including internships and projects with real clients that will give you hands-on experience and allow you to build a strong resume and portfolio.

​Have a specific type of career in mind? Let your professors know and they will help you get connected with opportunities on or off campus. You can click her​e to view some of the projects our students have worked on in our program. Below are just a couple examples of ways our students are gaining real-world experience in our program:

Capstone Project
In your final year as a journalism/digital media major, you will get to work with a real client to complete a project utilizing the skills you've learned throughout our program. Not only is this great practice of skills learned, it is a valuable piece for your portfolio upon graduation. We encourage our students to find a client and/or project relative to their career goals.

Watch the video below to see what Sarah Stubbs '17 worked on for her capstone project:


UF Digital Media Club

From broadcasting, reporting or producing, you will have a number of opportunities to practice your skills throughout UF Digital Media Club which includes the University's newspaper and television and radio stations. Click here to learn more.

Center for Digital Storytelling and Participatory Media

The University of Findlay and Hancock Historical Museum have a collaboration that provides enhanced digital storytelling experiences. Part of this initiative is the Center for Digital Storytelling and Participatory Media which provides our students with opportunities to practice their digital storytelling skills while benefitting the museum's effort to gather stories from the community for historical preservation. Click​ here to learn more about this initiative. ​

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