​​Organizational Communication​

​Program Description 

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication at the University of Findlay is designed for students who seek to acquire verbal, written, and digital communication talents necessary to make any organization thrive in the 21st century. Students wanting to advance in business corporations, bring about meaningful change in non-profit​s, or serve their local communities should consider the impact that having the skills found in the Organizational Communication Program will have on their futures. The Organizational Communication degree is a high-quality program that students can choose for personal and professional success beyond college. 

An ideal second major for many UF students!

The coursework incorporates many classes that meet the University of Findlay CORE+ requirements and many of the courses are offered online, making this an ideal program for students who want to complement their other major’s skills or who otherwise have difficulty considering a second major because their other major occurs in one of UF’s off-site locations, farms, or barns. 

Program Goals ​

To ensure our students are prepared to succeed in any organization, the program goals of the Organizational Communication BA are: 

  1. Professionally present information to diverse audiences in face-to-face settings and digital media. 
  2. Compose multimodal communication for personal and professional audiences. 
  3. Inform and persuade audie​nces using the best practices of marketing, journalism, and strategic communication. 
  4. Mediate conflict in interpersonal and organizational communication.

Courses & Curriculum