​​​Minors ​

​​To complement your primary area of study and prepare yourself for success, we encourage adding a minor in an area that fits your interests and career goals. Simply discuss adding a minor with your academic advisor to see what is the best fit for you. The Department of History, Law and Gender Studies offers minors in both of its majors: history and law and the liberal arts (pre-law)​. To view the curriculum for these minors, click the buttons below. Additionally, the department offers two other minors: gender studies and museum studies. Learn more about these minors below. 


Gender Studies ​

Minor and certificate offered​

Gender plays a key role in not only personal identity, but also the way society is shaped. Gender studies examines the multiple perspectives, experiences and contributions of diverse groups in American society and abroad. 

It asks questions such as: 

  • ​What does it mean to be a feminist? 
  • How do gender roles vary over time? 
  • When and why was the concept of gender first used?

The interdisciplinary curriculum explores cultural identities, social roles, relationships, health, education, history and political activism, as well as forms of cultural expression in literature, film, music and art. A minor in Gender Studies equips you with an understanding of today’s diverse world, an openness to the challenges of diversity and the professional skills that employers desire. Click the buttons below to view the required courses for the minor and certificate. 

​​Museum Studies

​Museums hold the unique position of preserving and showcasing history to both educate and entertain the public. Staff at a museum are responsible for hosting events, curating art, planning catering, along with a wide variety of additional responsibilities. This opens up a wide array of job opportunities, from coordinating educational programs to marketing the museum.

The curriculum encompasses the day-to-day responsibilities involved in the museum profession, as well as the impact of museums on society. A minor in museum studies is designed to give students the experience and portfolio required to obtain a career in the museum industry. ​Click the button below to view the required courses for the minor. ​