Pre-law Studies

Our Program

The pre-law studies major is designed to help students prepare for law school and for students who are interested in a broadly-based liberal arts education that focuses on the law. the two emphasizes we offer within the pre-law studies major are:
  • Preparation for the Practice of Law Emphasis
  • Public Administration and Policy Emphasis

Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare you for a successful career in diverse areas of law including business, risk management, real estate, and civil rights. Collaboration with business, criminal justice, and political science allows you to pursue double majors or minors to complement your pre-law education.

Preparation for the Practice of Law Emphasis

Students in the major of pre-law studies–preparation for the practice of law emphasis, after they have completed 93 credit hours, may have the option of applying to the law schools with whom the University has entered articulation agreements (see academic advisor for currently approved agreements). This is contingent on completing all of the University’s General Education requirements, all of the major requirements for the pre-law studies–preparation for the practice of law emphasis (except for the electives requirements), and fulfilling the GPA and LSAT requirements of the respective law school (per the articulation agreement). Furthermore, students who are interested in applying early to law school must notify the chair of the pre-law studies program by the end of the fall semester of their junior year. The student must notify the chair of pre-law studies program, with the chair designating a committee of three professors; the committee will review the student’s transcript and make a final recommendation. The final recommendation will be either to approve or reject the student as an early applicant to law school.

Public Administration and Policy Emphasis

The Public Administration and Policy Emphasis is designed for students who are interested in working in government or nonprofit organizations, and who have a passion for making a positive impact on society. In this program, students gain understanding of public and nonprofit administration and policymaking in the United States. Students will develop skills for leading organizations, and will utilize those skills through an internship.

Hear from pre-law graduate Justin Stoll '15 who went from the University of Findlay to Notre Dame Law School:


Currently, graduates of our program have been accepted into 39 different law schools throughout the United States.

Law School Acceptance 
Since 2012, 100 percent of our students who have completed the pre-law program and applied to law school have been admitted with partial or total scholarships. These law schools include:
  • Ohio State University
  • Notre Dame
  • Washington and Lee
  • University of Toledo
  • Ohio Northern University  
Strong Foundation
Our program is the only pre-law program developed with the careful consultation and cooperation of all nine Ohio law schools. Each of these law schools participated in the creation of this major and the individual course selections: 
  • The Ohio State University
  • The University of Cincinnati
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • The University of Akron
  • The University of Toledo, Capital University
  • Ohio Northern University
  • The University of Dayton
  • Cleveland Marshall College of Law 


3+3 Law Prog​ram

Motivated students interested in a dedicated career path in law can pursue a track that will provide their first three years of education at the University of Findlay at which point the final year of their undergraduate degree becomes their first year in law school with one of our partners. We're proud to offer the 3+3 Law Program with the following institutions:

What can I do with a law and liberal arts degree? 

  • Legal careers rank in the top 10 for highest starting salary
  • More legal jobs are created every year, including new opportunities in internet-based law, environmental law and international business law 
  • Law is the background of choice for people working in the federal legislative branch of government, as well as for many business leaders
  • With the variety of educational opportunities available in Ohio and outside the state, a legal career is eminently affordable and is one of the most fulfilling paths to quality graduate education and careers that provide stability, status and income

Outside the Classroom

The Washington Center
Students have an opportunity to work and study through The Washington Center which enables students to gain the experience needed for entry-level employment and to prepare for lives of achievement, engagement and leadership in order to shape the next generation of leaders.  

Internship Opportunities
As part of the pre-law program, students have the opportunity to intern with local and regional law offices. Students have worked directly on a variety of cases, involving criminal murder cases, business issues and real estate transactions. 

If you are interested in criminal law, you can work with attorneys who are handling murder cases or felonies; in fact, one of our most popular internships is with attorneys who handle capital crime cases, that is, cases where the defendant could potentially receive the death penalty. You will help prepare the written briefs, do investigative research, talk to witnesses, visit the defendants and attend trials. 

Other internships involve work with law firms, prosecutor's offices, public defenders and probation /juvenile delinquency. You are free to create your own internships with judges, attorneys or federal agencies, especially if you have personal contacts with those agencies.
Moot Court Program
The University of Findlay has an active Moot Court Program and students are provided the resources to compete in regional and national Moot Court Competitions.

Student Engagement
At Findlay, there is a very active Pre-Law ​Society, which offers:
  • Visits to speak with the admission officers of all nine Ohio law schools as well as law schools throughout the Midwest
  • Visits to local courtrooms to see the law in action
  • Practice LSAT exams and preparation guidance​​
  • Interaction with other pre-law students and professionals within the field 

​​Pre-law Studies – Preparation for the Practice of Law Emphasis BA

Pre-law Studies – Public Administration and Policy Emphasis BA