​​The Clubhouse

Community Engagement

The Clubhouse is a free literacy outreach service provided to the children of Hancock County and surrounding areas sponsored by The University of Findlay's College of Education.

The Clubhouse Mission: to support and enhance the reading skills and needs of area children through relevant and personal reading assessments and intervention.

"When Thomas first started at the Clubhouse he really struggled to learn to read. In the last three years we've seen tremendous growth with Thomas. The extra help has been beyond words. The other day he sat and read a chapter book to me. In the three years he's came here he's not only caught up to his class, but he's also gotten straight A's for the first time."--Patrick Grey, Clubhouse Parent

Assessing Reading Strengths, Needs, and Interests

​Research indicates a strong relationship between motivation, interest in reading subjects, and reading performance; therefore, we use books and materials the children find personally relevant and interesting.  Using reading assessments, Findlay tutors assess the strengths and needs of each child.  They use different inventories to discover the child's interests and beliefs about reading. This information helps tutors create engaging lessons designed to enhance and support the child's reading needs and that utilize interesting texts based on the child's interests. The tutors teach targeted lessons that keep the children interested and learning all with the goal of supporting their reading needs. All sessions are interactive in nature and involve individual and small group instruction.

The Clubhouse Programs​

The 1882 Club 

​​Sponsered by Shirley's Popcorn​, the club challenges students to 1882 minutes over the course of a regular semester. Students can read books, magazines, newspapers, instruction manuals, anything they can think of other than texts and emails. After posting their minutes read to the 1882 Derrick located in UF's Teacher Resource Center, students will discuss what they read with other club members. Students will recieve a record of their minute read and a thank you for reading gift upon completion of thier minutes.​

Open to all readers birth to grade 12.

3-2-1 Program

Preregistration is required. Registration for Spring 2018 is closed. Check back for new dates soon. 

​The 3-2-1 Program offers free small group (3:1) tutoring from UF undergraduate and graduate education students who are enrolled in Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties.

The program is offered 3 different times through the year, with each session offering 10 tutoring sessions

  • September - November (one night per week)
  • January - April (one night per week)
  • June-July (three mornings per week)
Spring 2018​ sessions will be held from 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. on a Tuesday or Thursday.

January 30
February 1
February 6
February 8
February 13
February 15
February 20
February 22
​February 27
​March 1
March 6
March 8
March 13
March 15
March 20
March 22
March 27
​March 29
April 3​
April 5​
​April 10
​April 12 - Last Session
Family Celebration

Open to all readers grade one through nine.

Preregistration is required. Registration for Spring 2018 is closed. Check back for new dates soon. 

CHIP (Clubhouse Individual Program)

CHIP tutors are College of Education students who are paid through a generous grant from the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation.

Tutoring is scheduled for 45 minute sessions 
Monday - Thursday at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., or 6:00 p.m.​

CHIP offers sessions twice per year:

  • September - November
  • February - April

Open to all readers grade one through nine.

​​Preregistration is required. To register, please contact Allison L. Baer, Ph.D. , Director of the Clubhouse Reading Center, at baer@findlay.edu, or Patty Holcomb at holcomb@findlay.edu.

The Clubhouse makes everyone happy!

Interested in giving back to the Clubhouse?

Become a member of the Clubh​ouse Library! .

All contributions to the Clubhouse Reading Center go directly to benefit the children

As a member of the Clubhouse Library, your financial contributions will:

  • Purchase books to use in tutoring sessions or for children to take home to help build their personal libraries
  • Purchase relevant and necessary supplies to help create engaging lessons
  • Pay qualified CHIP (Clubhouse Individual Program) tutors an hourly wage to work with individual children in tutoring sessions

​Giving Levels​

At every giving level, Clubhouse Library members will be recognized for their contribution with a personalized library card that serves as a certificate of giving.

Contribution levels of $26.00 or more will be recognized with a personalized wooden book that will be added to the Clubhouse Library bookshelf in the atrium of the Davis Street Building. CH Library books.JPG 
  • Picture book ($26-$50 giving level)
  • Children's book ($51-$100 giving level)
  • Graphic novel ($101-$150 giving level)
  • Informational book ($151-$200 giving level)
  • Adult best seller ($201-$250 giving level)
  • Young adult ($251-$999 giving level)
  • Classic novel ($1,000 and above giving level)

If you're interested in becoming a Clubhouse Library member and contributing to The Clubhouse Reading Center please click the button below.

For more information, contact Dr. Allison L. Baer, Clubhouse Reading Center Director, baer@findlay.edu