​​The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a free literacy outreach service provided to the children of Hancock County and surrounding areas sponsored by The University of Findlay's College of Education.

The Clubhouse Mission: to support and enhance the reading skills and needs of area children through relevant and personal reading assessments and intervention.

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The Clubhouse benefits the local community and Findlay students. Watch the video below to learn more.

The Clubhouse Offers Three Programs

The Clubhouse provides reading instruction and support for school-age children and an authentic experience for Findlay's teacher education candidates. The Clubhouse currently offers three programs:

All three programs meet in the Davis Street Building (300 Davis Street) on the Findlay campus.

The Clubhouse makes everyone happy!

"When Thomas first started at the Clubhouse he really struggled to learn to read. In the last three years we've seen tremendous growth with Thomas. The extra help has been beyond words. The other day he sat and read a chapter book to me. In the three years he's came here he's not only caught up to his class, but he's also gotten straight A's for the first time."--Patrick Grey, Clubhouse Parent

Assessing Reading Strengths, Needs, and Interests

Using research-based reading assessments, Findlay tutors use the first session to assess the reading strengths and needs of each child.  They also use different inventories to discover the child's interests and beliefs about reading. This information helps tutors create engaging lessons designed to enhance and support the child's reading needs and that utilize interesting texts based on the child's interests.

Research indicates a strong relationship between motivation, interest in reading subjects, and reading performance; therefore, we use books and materials the children find personally relevant and interesting.  

The tutors then use the following eight sessions to teach targeted lessons that keep the children interested and learning all with the goal of supporting their reading needs. All sessions are interactive in nature and involve individual and small group instruction.

The children are re-assessed during the final sessions, and the program ends with a time of sharing and celebration.


While the Clubhouse is not school sponsored, we strongly support collaboration with parents, schools, and teachers.  The program provides children with an engaging environment using stimulating language-rich strategies that support learning through small group and individual instruction.  This is accomplished with the aid of collaborative learning, individual attention, instructional games and interesting materials.

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For more information, contact Dr. Allison L. Baer, Clubhouse Reading Center Director, baer@findlay.edu