​​Admission Information​​​​​

Strength and conditioning consists of a pre-professional and a professional curriculum.
Students successfully completing the pre-strength and conditioning program will apply for admission to the professional program. In addition, many strength and conditioning students also pursue graduate study ​in physical therapy. Students in str​ength and conditioning can receive a bachelor of science degree in strength and conditioning or an associate of arts degree in personal training.
You are encouraged to visit UF and meet with a strength and conditioning faculty member. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our program, discuss the material you will study, introduce you to other faculty and the many opportunities you have at UF.

Pre-requisite Courses

Here are the undergraduate pre-requisite courses required for the pre-professional curriculum:

  • BIOL 205 - Human Nutrition 
  • BIOL 322/L - Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIOL 323/L - Anatomy & Physiology II 
  • HEPR 150 - Intro to Health Professions
  • HEPR 220 - Medical Terminology
  • HPE 250 - First Aid/Care of Athletic Injuries
  • HPE 308 - Physiology of Exercise
  • PHED 336 - Kinesiology & Biomechanics
  • PSYC 100 - General Psychology

Graduate Program Option​

Bachelor of Science in Strength and Conditioning + Doctor of Physical Therapy in Six Years (3+3)

Students will complete undergraduate courses during the first three years, and begin the professional phase of the physical therapy program during your fourth year. You will receive a bachelor’s degree at the end of your fourth year and a doctor of physical therapy at the end of your sixth year.

Deadlines and Information

There are no program specific deadlines for admission into the strength and conditioning program. For further information about admission to the program, please contact the Office of Admissions.