​​​​​Welcome​ to Nuclear Medicine​​​

The Nuclear Medicine Institute (NMI) welcomes you to our website. NMI started in 1966 as a hospital-based program in nuclear medicine technology. Originally located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Institute moved to the campus of the University of Findlay in 1984.

Throughout the history of the Institute, our graduates have contributed significantly not only to the medical field but to other related fields as well. Graduates have used their nuclear medicine skills and furthered their education in other health or technical fields and advanced professions including medicine and law. Over 1600 students have successfully attended the Institute, and it is estimated that over 80 percent of them continue to maintain their certification in the field.

Part of the Institute's mission is to provide the field of nuclear medicine with technologists who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, conscientious, and competent providers of high-quality patient care in the medical community. The quality of the NMI graduate is known nationwide.

For any questions please contact:

Eric Hertenstein
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Assistant Radiation Safety Officer
Director, Master of Science in Radiologic Science Program
Director, Nuclear Medicine Institute
[email protected]