Frequently Asked Questions

The Financial Aid process can be daunting for students. The Financial Aid Office would like to make this process understandable for all students. Below are some answers to questions we tend to get in our office.

When should I apply for financial aid? 

We encourage new students to apply early in the second semester of their senior year in high school. We typically begin distribution of aid awards about March 1, and the sooner the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) is filed, the sooner the award letter can be determined.

How do I file the FAFSA? 

Go to the FAFSA website,, and complete the application. Every student will need a PIN number to electronically sign the application. If you are a dependent student your parent will need one as well. To apply for a PIN, go to

What kinds of financial aid will Findlay provide?

The University provides both merit- and need-based aid for students. The merit aid is based on the student's high school academic record and test scores. The need-based aid is based on the FAFSA results. Federal and state grants and federal loans may also be available, dependent on the data provided on the FAFSA.

How much aid can I receive?

The maximum amount of aid that a student can receive is limited to an institution's "cost of attendance". The cost of attendance is based on our estimate of direct and indirect educational costs for a period of enrollment. Direct costs include items such as tuition, room and board, books, etc. Indirect costs include estimated costs of transportation and miscellaneous expenses. The cost of attendance represents the maximum amount of aid that a student can receive during a period of enrollment. This cost can vary based on different factors such as class level, enrollment, program, etc.

What if my financial circumstances change?

Contact the financial aid office. The most common circumstances that we review include loss of parental income, separation or divorce of parent(s), loss of non-taxable income, or death of a parent. If any of these occurs, we encourage you to call us to discuss additional steps for review.

What is verification?

The U.S. Department of Education has designed an edit process for FAFSA's as they are submitted. In some cases, the Department will flag processed FAFSA's for further review by the aid office. When the form is flagged, the aid office will send you a verification worksheet and ask that you complete and sign it and return it along with appropriate copies of federal tax returns.

When does financial aid get applied to my student account?

Generally, the business office runs the posting process seven days prior to the beginning of the enrollment period. Aid that has been approved will credit to your account at that time. Am I required to subscribe to the University's health insurance plan? The University wants all students to have some health insurance coverage. Most dependent students will likely be covered by the family health insurance plan, and they may choose to waive the coverage offered through the University. However, if you do not submit the waiver form by the appropriate deadline, the insurance policy charge will remain on your account, and you will need to pay it. My aid eligibility number is low.

Why don't I receive more aid?

While Findlay seeks to provide as much aid as possible, the University also must operate within budgetary constraints. We may be unable to provide as much aid as you need or for which you may be eligible. We will provide other avenues, but generally, they will involve loans requiring repayment after you leave school. How do I get a refund? If your account balance is fully paid and you have a credit balance on your account, you may request a refund from the business office.

What does "Estimated Miscellaneous Costs" on the award letter mean?

Miscellaneous costs are not billed by Findlay, but clearly, students will need some spending money for off-campus entertainment, travel to and from home, laundry, perhaps clothing. It's those kinds of costs that are included in the miscellaneous category.

What balance do I owe?

A quick way to determine that is to calculate the sum of the known costs for tuition, fees, room, and board, and subtract from that the aid awarded (except for work-study). You may wish to contact the business office directly if you have more specific questions about your account. You can also access that information via the web.