If you have been selected for verification, we will need some additional information to process your financial aid. Choose from the links below to access the verification worksheet that applies to you.

Other FAFSA Information Needed

The Department of Education uses numerous tools to pre-determine a FAFSA applicant's eligibility. At times the Department of Education is unable to verify eligiblity. In these cases additional documentation is requested. Please view below to locate the document you need to complete your application.

2021-2022 Off Campus Citizenship Verification

2021-2022 On Campus Citizenship Verification


Special Circumstances

The Office of Financial Aid uses the expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA and cost estimates to create a student's financial aid package. At times a student's EFC and/or the cost estimates used no longer accurately represent their ability to fund higher education. Financial aid administrators are allowed to make adjustments to EFC and cost estimate in some cases. Students with a special circumstance (e.g., loss of job, parent loses job, student or parent gets divorce, etc.) can request a review. Changes that impact the responses on the FAFSA application (e.g., change in household size, income) would be reported on the Special Circumstance Form while a request to increase a students budget (e.g., taking additional classes, housing or transportation cost increases due to an internship) would be reported on the Cost of Attendance Appeal.

2021-2022 Special Circumstance Form

2021-2022 Cost of Attendance Appeal

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Acceptance Letter

The Choose Ohio First Scholarship is designed to significantly strengthen Ohio’s competitiveness within STEM disciplines and STEM education. 

Choose Ohio First awards competitive scholarship funding to Ohio’s colleges and universities to support undergraduate and qualifying graduate students in innovative academic programs. Students selected for this program will be assigned an action item in Workday to upload and submit their signed acceptance letter. The acceptance letter is found here:

Choose Ohio First Acceptance Letter