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Words of Encouragement

The last several months have changed our lives in unprecedented ways, and we could all use some words of encouragement right now. To help remind our campus community that we are truly never alone, the Center for Teaching Excellence is asking you to share your words of hope, encouragement, and wisdom. Take a moment to inspire, motivate, and support students, faculty, staff, administration, or even our entire UF community!! 

Please click below to submit your Words of Encouragement and check back often to see what others have posted here at our CTE home page.​​


​Words of Encouragement

​​Katherine Fell, President, University of Findlay 
UF Faculty and Staff:
You are my heroes. Despite all impediments, you care for one another, you inspire our students, and you serve our great mission. In this month of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for you. ​
​Chris Denecker, Director of The Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Findlay
If you're feeling strong today, share that strength with another. Let your positivity seep into everything you see and touch. If you are struggling, don't be afraid to look up and look out--you will find the helpers waiting to walk with you through this journey. In the words of Maya Angelou, "Nobody can make it out here alone." You are not alone. Oiler Nation is strongest when we come together!​
​Beth Stewart, Program Manager of the Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Findlay
You are unique. You are smart. You are talented. You are worth it. You are special. You are valued. You are loved. You matter. In case no one has told you yet today: you are amazing and you can do this!​​
​Nicole Diederich, English Department
I agree with all who have posted before me here: I am thankful for our community; I hope we reach out for support; I believe in us. Thank you, Kathy, Chris, and Beth for those words of encouragement.

To that I would also add that it is ok for us to give ourselves permission not to be ok, to not always cover up frustration with positivity. Giving ourselves that space may be what need at times and can be, thus, I hope, encouraging.

For a Christian approach to this idea, please see the instagram post below, which says it far better than I can. One key take away is that we were always a group project, so, yes, let's lean on each other. A second takeaway is that it can be ok to say that there is no more that I can do right now.​​

Ron Tulley, Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

​​I find my encouragement in celebrating others. In my mind, it is so easy to do at UF. We are surrounded by people who look for the opportunity in every challenge. I am certainly blessed in my college at every level--from our administrative assistants to our chairs. We have such hard working and inspirational people who always put our students and each other first. May your vocation continue to inspire you, and as it does so, openly and vicariously inspire others.​