Academic Career Development Workshops

Academic Career Development Series 

This series of workshops features sessions to help faculty engage in scholarship, professional service, and high quality professional development.

“Giving an Effective Conference Presentation”

Come to this session for helpful tips on presenting at conferences in a variety of fields, including tips on new presentation software, timing suggestions, and tips for keeping your audience interested.

“How to Write a Book”

Writing a book is a long-term but often rewarding process. If you are interested in learning the process of writing a book, turning your dissertation into a book, or compiling an edited collection, this session is for you. Several faculty members from a wide variety of disciplines will be on hand to describe the process, offer suggestions, and answer questions in this informal Q&A session.

“Summer Writing Resolutions: Working Productively and Breaking Down Large Projects Into Manageable Steps”

Many of us put off large writing and research projects for the summer. This session will provide time management tips and offer writing resources for project completion.

“Tips for a Successful Sabbatical”

In this session, you hear from those who have completed successful sabbaticals. Tips for crafting a successful sabbatical will be shared as well as resources for managing time effectively and finding project ideas.

“Updating Your UF Faculty Profile”

Has it been awhile since you have updated your UF Faculty Profile? A link to the UF Faculty Profile is a new requirement for online dossiers. Come to this work session to learn how to update yours.

“What Can I Do This Summer to Strengthen My CV? Finding Summer Professional Development Opportunities”

Most of us do not have time to engage in long term projects during the academic year but there are a variety of rewarding summer opportunities (many close to home!) to pursue. Come find out about several scholarship, teaching, and high quality professional development workshops and seminars in a variety of disciplines.

“Writing an Effective Faculty Development Funding Application”

What makes a strong faculty development funding application? What are appropriate activities for funding? What items should be included on the evaluation form after you receive funding? Find out with members of the Faculty Development Committee at this informal Q&A session.

“Writing Effective Abstracts for Conference and Journal Article Proposals”

Writing a succinct abstract is an art form, particularly when trying to navigate word limits. This session will offer suggestions for crafting a successful abstract, including tips for appropriate keywords for database searching and for meeting conference and/or journal requirements. 

Tenure and Promotion Series 

This series of workshops features sessions to help faculty prepare for dossier preparation and submission.

Mid-Tenure ePortfolio Work Session

The purpose of this session is to provide a time and place for you to come and work on your ePortfolio​ for Mid-Tenure review. This is a good time to come and ask questions or to just work on pages with assistance close at hand.

“Organizing Your Online Dossier for Mid-Tenure Review”

Learn helpful organization tips for your online dossier. Samples of successful electronic mid-tenure dossiers will be available for review.

“Writing Reflective Statements for Mid-Tenure Review”

Learn helpful pointers for drafting, writing, and revising your reflective statements for your dossier. Bring statements in progress for peer feedback.

How to Write a Journal Article in 12 Weeks

Using Wendy Belcher’s Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, participants meet weekly for one hour to complete the steps and get an article, book chapter, grant proposal or other writing project completed in the time frame of the semester. The program works because the writing process is broken down into small manageable steps that work well with a busy teaching schedule and the majority of participants have submitted something for publication as a result of participation.