​​​​​Study Spaces

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

You will experience some changes to Shafer Library this year. These changes are in place to maintain a healthy environment for you to study as part of the Oiler Start Safe and Stay Safe plan.

Study room capacity is reduced to ensure appropriate physical distancing. Four study rooms (16, 17, 213, and 214) are large enough for two people to be six feet apart. All remaining study rooms can be used by one person at a time.


Overall, seating capacity in Shafer Library is reduced to ensure appropriate physical distancing with one person per table or study carrel. Below is a break down of seating capacity, not including study rooms:


Second floor – 68 seats

First floor Guyer Lounge – 13 seats

First floor learning commons – 31 seats

Lower floor – 29 seats

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Two disinfecting stations are on each floor near the study spaces. Please use a disinfecting wipe to clean your study area or computer keybaord before using it.

Group & Individual Study Rooms

  • Rooms are available for 3 hours on a first come, first served basis.
  • Most study rooms are equipped with a white board and computer monitor you can connect to your laptop. Rooms 16 and 17 have SMART boards.
  • Stop at Borrow & Pickup desk when you enter the library to check out a key. You can also borrow a packet that contains dry erase markers and an eraser. 
  • University ID required. Study room policy.

Learning Commons

The first floor Learning Commons is an active learning space. Please make sure to maintain six feet physical distance during group work/discussions. 

Quiet Zones

The second floor of Shafer Library is designated a quiet zone with a variety of tables and study carrels. You will also find a quiet space to study on the lower floor in the book stacks.