Alma Mater/Fight Song

The University of Findlay's Alma Mater and fight song!

Findlay Alma Mater Hymn
Words & Music by Dr. John R. Van Nice

Findlay, our Alma Mater;
Our praise we sing to thee;
Findlay, we here do pledge thee
to ever faithful be.
Findlay, whene'er we leave thee,
We never will forget thee!
Findlay, our Alma Mater,
Our hearts will stay with thee.

Findlay Fight Song!

Words & Music by
Dr. Louis F. Chenette

We're the Fighting Findlay Oilers,
Orange and black our colors proud.
Findlay on forever, Shout her praises loud, Rah, Rah!  We're the Fighting Findlay Oilers With a team that's hard to tame.  We shout:  Fight, Fight Findlay Oilers - win that game!