Nomination Criteria

 The University of Findlay Athletic Hall of Fame shall be open to individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions through a sport sponsored by the athletic department under one of the following categories:


1) Student-Athletes


1. The nominee will become eligible 10 years after graduation, withdrawal from The University of Findlay or completion of eligibility.
2. The nominee must have demonstrated good citizenship both in school and after leaving the University.
3. The nominee does not necessarily have to be a UF graduate but must have been a former student who departed UF in good academic standing and completed a minimum of 60 semester hours. Emphasis will be given to graduates.
4. The athlete must have earned at least two letters in the sport. Special consideration will be given to those athletes who were named All-American, won an individual or team national championship, were named athlete of the year, received all-conference honors, led the nation in a statistical category or clearly distinguished himself/herself and the University through major victories, records or other achievements not mentioned above.

2) Coach or Administrator

1. The nominee will become eligible three years after completing his/her coaching tenure or administrative duties at The University of Findlay or, in the case of a still-active coach or administrator, having reached the age of 60.
2. The nominee must have demonstrated good citizenship both at the school and after leaving the University.
3. The nominee does not have to be a UF graduate or former student.
4. The nominee must have served the University for a minimum of five years and contributed significantly to the advancement of athletics at The University of Findlay.

3) Special Admitta​nce

1. Special admittance will be made for those individuals a) who (are not former UF students or employees) have helped to provide truly exceptional contributions and service to the athletic department at The University of Findlay, or b) who (in the case of former UF athletes) have continued to make significant contributions in their chosen field, which bring credit and distinction to The University of Findlay.
2. The nominee must be of good character and have demonstrated good citizenship in and outside the University.

4) Teams

1. The nominated team must have won a national championship, competed in a national/regional tournament event or won a conference championship.
2. A team shall be eligible for nomination 10 full seasons following the completion of the season that they have been nominated for.  A team shall be counted as one nominee.
Printable Nomination Form