Grant Submission Process ​​​​

​Prior to beginning any grant proposal, please familiarize yourself with the process for submitting grants. This procedure is designed to garner approval for your project from administration, allow the Office of Sponsored Programs to assist in proposal and budget development, and ensure that enough time is scheduled to write and submit the proposal.

Strict adherence to this process is mandatory for any faculty or staff desiring pursuit of external funding. Failure to follow this process may result in the University declining any awards offered from outside funding agencies.

In order to ensure that a grant proposal is submitted according to University regulations, please see the Grant Submission Procedure diagram.​

If you have not written a grant proposal before and need some assistance working through your idea, the Office of Sponsored Programs has created a form to help. This Grant Concept Development Form will give you a general idea of the things that will be needed to begin writing most grant proposals and allows for meaningful dialogue to take place between you and the Grants Manager and/or your Dean. Along with solidifying the project goals, objectives, activities, outcomes and timeline, this form assists you in determining the cost of the project.

Even if you have written a grant proposal before and do not feel the need to work through your idea using the concept development form, you MUST fill out the Grant Internal Approval Form prior to beginning work on the proposal. This form alerts the Office of Sponsored Programs that you will be submitting a proposal and garners approval for this project by your Dean and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  

The Grants Manager in the Office of Sponsored Programs is available to discuss any grant proposal ideas you may have and can be reached at [email protected] or 419-434-4662.