​​​​​3D Printer Disclaimer

​Users of the LulzBot Taz 6, Formlabs Form 2, and MakerGear M2 will abide by copyright laws. For more information, check out Title 17 on the Copyright.gov website. Thingiverse’s website also contains detailed information about intellectua​l property.

ITS will not print drug paraphernalia, items intended for sexual purposes, guns, parts of weapons, or any object that can cause physical or emotional harm to another person or animal. ITS will contact the user if there is a concern about the design before sending it to the printer. ITS will turn down a print request if the user does not abide by the University Policies, including those such as the University’s Weapon Policy.

ITS staff is not responsible for the removal of the support structures, smoothing with sandpaper, or adding any sort of finishes to the 3D printed product. The user will be given the print as is when removed from the printer.​​