​Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services provides many services within Shafer Library to all faculty, staff, and students. Here are some of our services:

One Button Studio Lightboard

There are three One Button Studios housed in Shafer Library (112A, 112B, and 116A). The studios are very simple to use and work great for recording videos for a lecture or class project. Room 112B has some additional technology that the other rooms do not, such as a Solstice Pod, green screen, and a projector. The Solstice Pod allows users with laptops, tablets, and smartphones to connect wirelessly to said display all at the same time. They will be able to share anything that is on these devices with the entire group, while the leader of the group will have the access to focus certain information displayed for the entire group.​ We also have an ikan Elite teleprompter available to use in any of the studios.

Room 116A has a lightboard, which allows you to write on a piece of glass that makes your writing appear to float. The camera flips the screen so that what you write is readable from left to right.

3D Printing

There are four 3D printers available to campus: MakerGears, Lulzbot TAZ 6, and Formlabs Form 2. The printers are housed in Shafer Library, plus there's a 3D scanner. ITS only charges for the cost of plastic and print time. For more information, check out the 3D printing section of the website​.

eBeam Smartmarkers

​Tired of using a whiteboard and having to take a photo on your phone just to remember what you wrote? Try using the eBeam Smartmarkers, available for checkout to use in Shafer Library. The markers will capture everything the user writes so it can be shared with whomever they like without trying to take a picture of the whiteboard​.


Academic Technology Services workshops cover a wide variety of topics that will assist with many other technology tools, programs and processes essential to both student learning and the fundamental operations of university work – Canvas, Microsoft Office Suite, Workday, email/calendar, Google Drive, Zoom, etc.​