​​Intercultural Student Services - Frequently Asked Questions​

What Resources and Services Does ISS Provide?

The ISS office serves as a voice and activist for those underrepresented students at the University of Findlay. The office also provides counseling, mentoring and guidance to those students in need. The ISS often collaborates with other organizations such as the Black Student Union in planning programs and events on campus.

The ISS office serves as a resource to the local and campus community. The office provides several resources pertaining to diversity education, awareness etc,. The department has a library of videos, books, journals and magazines that cover a variety of diverse subjects. These resources are free of charge and available by reservation.

What Programs Does ISS provide to the Campus and External Community?

The office provides educational information to internal and external communities. On-campus the department plans events such as diversity speakers, educational documentaries, movies, skating, bowling, trips to museums and many others. We have attended the Ohio Classic, Washington D.C. and Atlanta for cultural based spring break programs. This office is often sought to speak to various groups such as churches, schools, and social service agencies on topics pertaining to diversity. The office also collaborates with community organizations such as the Black Heritage Library to provide programming to the community such as our annual Unity Walk honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

How Long the ISS Been a Part of the Campus?

The office began in 1996 as the Office of Minority Student Services. The name was changed to The Office of Intercultural Student Services in 2004 to be more inclusive and accommodating to the expanding diversity of the campus. As the office mission states, "The office is here to create a campus environment that respects and acknowledges the value of diversity."