​​​​Make A Report​​

​​If you have been hazed, have witnessed hazing, or suspect that someone you know has been hazed, you can report your observations using any of the reporting options listed below.

All members of the University’s community are expected to report hazing by contacting any of the following:

  • The Associate Vice President for Safety & Wellness
    • Old Main #45, 419-434-4733
  • Office of Equity & Title IX
    • Old Main Office #45, 419-434-4739
  • Office of Student Affairs
    • 1st Floor Old Main, 419-434-4570
  • Campus Safety
    • 419-434-4799
  • Online reporting is available through Guardian here​.
  • Anonymous reporting of crimes is available through Campus Safety’s Silent Victim/Witness Program her​e
    • ​Note that providing information anonymously may impede the University’s ability to respond to and investigate the reported incident(s).
  • In the event of an emergency, individuals should dial 911 before contacting Campus Safety.

The University's ability to investigate reports and enforce the university policy depends on the accuracy and specificity of the information provided. You are encouraged to provide as much specific detail as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to address the reported behavior.

If your physical or emotional well-being been affected by hazing, support & resources​ are available.​

Bi-Annual Anti-Hazing Report

​​In accordance with Collin's Law, the University's Bi-Annual Anti-Hazing Report will be published on January 1 and August 1 of each year.  Published reports are availa​ble to review here​​​. Questions or concerns may be directed to the Associate Vice President for Safety & Wellness by calling 419-434-4733 or emailing [email protected]. ​​