Computer Science

Department of Computer Science Mission Statement
Inspire students to fully realize their potential for a professional career or graduate studies in Computer Science or related technologies.

Our program gives students a solid background in computer knowledge, combined with any of five areas of emphasis.

Student Organizations

3C Computer Repair

Students have the opportunity to work and earn money at 3C Computer Repairs. The student run business offers computer repair and technical consulting services for the people of Findlay at an affordable rate. 3C Computer Repairs provides an array of computer repairs from virus removal to minor hardware replacement. We look forward to solving your problems.

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Findlay hosts a student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) for students who are prospective computer science professionals. Activities include regular meetings, participation in professional activities, and student-sponsored activities which promote computer science and technology at the University and wider community.

The Tech and Gaming Club (TAG)

In addition to weekly game nights in the AMU game room, the club members meet to discuss new technologies, plan for their events, and participate in community service with local organizations. They also host many event on campus such as welcome week activities and tournaments for popular games.

Information Assurance Forum
The University of Findlay's Computer Science Program is proud to offer an annual Information Assurance Forum that covers real world topics. The 2017 topic, Securing Smart Living, talked about how we can manage the risk of today's smart technologies including those found in cities, manufacturing, farming, health care, and our personal lives.

Alumni Success
Josh Ziegler '10 is currently a Ph.D candidate in computer science at the Air Force Institute of Technology and works in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Lab on Artificial Intelligence. This work includes algorithm visualizations, rewind-capable debuggers, and grid computing. Read his story here
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